an IT-course for first-year students of architecture at the ETH Zurich

160 students are generating a common DreamScape which graphically and through hyperlinks to web-pages represents the 'DayDreamRoom' they developed in the architectural design course. The collectively designed product can reach qualities beyond the possible achievements of a single person through the permanent visual and text based communication between the individual authors.
To navigate through this site, use the menu at the top-left corner.

In the 'INFO'-mode you can access the exercise descriptions, tutorials and get information about the participating students and staff. With the 'SHOW'-button you will be able to access the data prepared for the final presentation.

Through the 'EDIT'-mode you can see mock-ups of the utitlities which enabled the students to place their images and links in the database in order to be shown on the DreamScape.

The 'MAP'-mode lets you explore the DreamScape and see how it evolved over time. In the 'OVERVIEW' you will see a scalable version of the whole DreamScape.