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am in lausanne:

Friday July 29 - FLOW Final Presentation

The FLOW presentation will take place in the ASL-RedHell, Friday July 29 at 14:00

This will be followed by the inauguration of the FLOWchannel outside infront of the BauCafeteria.

Once the water is FLOWing, there will be a discussion and critique, followed by a FLOWapéro.

All are welcome.



Flow is an introduction to computer based design, and computer aided fabrication in the design process. The course will examine new techniques of design based on dynamic parameters, and how the use of simulation and representation with the computer is changing the design process.

Participants in the course will be introduced to several different digital design technologies:
Computer Aided Architectural Design : CAAD
- NURBS and non-rational geometries
- Parametric Programming of geometry
- Algorithmic programming of geometry
- Integration of different media and temporal issues within the design process.

The primary skills to be developed are parametric digital modeling and CNC manufacturing. The semester work will examine the possibilities of computer generated form, and its fabrication using CNC machines.

The Diplomwahlfach arbiet project will be conducted as a "real world" construction at the 1:1 scale. It will be designed, fabricated, and constructed within a 3 week period after the regular semester is over.

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