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flow - Introduction

New concepts for the manipulation of "digital" geometry are changing the process of architectural design. New methods of fabrication and construction are changing the practice of architectural production. In both of these cases, the use of the computer as a COMPUTATION machine is altering the fundamental approach to the architectural process.

"flow" will examine how concepts of dynamic forces, movement, & time can be analyzed and exploited in the design process. The course will explore the iconic role of speed & machines in architectural history, discuss the abstraction and technology of dynamic and performative based design, and discuss how CAAD and CAAM processes have changed the complexity & production of contemporary architecture.

The wahlfach course will be an introduction to the design and fabrication of complex topologic forms using the computer as the main design medium. The course will explore new concepts & techniques of digital design, and how they fit into a greater concept of topology, landscape, & architecture. The primary skills to be developed are parametric digital modeling and CNC manufacturing.

The optional Diplomwahlfach Arbeit, will be a group work in the form of a design/build project. The topic of the project will be derived directly from the research activities of the semester course, and will be a real construction and installation project conducted at the 1:1 scale.

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