La Laguna Santa Cruz - Delta City

Students: Gregor Kamplade, Bernhard König
Location: Group work in Canary-Islands
Date: February, 2006
Type: Research project, student work

Santa Cruz and La Laguna are rapidly growing together and restructuring their territory into a large metropolitan region that is marking its influence on the whole island. The rapid growth of the urban facilities of the capital city and their connections to a general dynamic urban environment are part of the consolidation process of Santa Cruz into a complete and high-quality city. How is the public space transformed? Are facilities being created to attract more tourists to the city? Is the life quality in the city improving? How does it rank? How are the different systems upgraded? Where are the major potentials of development? What is the role of the second centre? How is Santa Cruz defining its specific urban structures in relation to Las Palmas? What are the relations to the South of the islands? What are the major infrastructural projects? Is the port of Santa Cruz going to change radically its role?

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