Mirroring Effects


Mirroring Effects: Tales of Territory


Mirroring Effects, written by Marc Angélil and Cary Siress, surveys political and economic practices concerning environment-making in the contemporary world.The presented case studies unfold as real-life tales chronicling mutually reinforcing processes that bind urbanization to capitalism. Taken together, the tales narrate the ongoing restructuration of built and lived spaces in diverse regions of the Global North and Global South, charting the course of capital-led development in settings such as Addis Ababa, Mumbai, Cairo, São Paulo, Berlin, Paris, and Shanghai. The stories told, if casually overheard, could just as easily be misconstrued as the stuff of incredible fables. But real they are.


Authors: Marc Angélil and Cary Siress

Publisher: Ruby Press

Design: Something Fantastic

ISBN 9783944074290










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