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Master of Advanced Studies in Architecture, Specialization in Computer Aided Architectural Design | 065-0005/6
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Ludger Hovestadt, Philipp Schaerer
Chair of CAAD, ETH Zurich

Meindert Versteeg received his degree in Interior Architecture from the Royal Academy of Arts, Department of Architectural Design at The Hague in 1998. Mr. Versteeg’s work focuses on design for extreme living and working conditions, mobile and transformable environments, and the working-living space modules. Over the last few years Mr. Versteeg has received several grants from the Dutch Foundation of Art, Design and Architecture, which allowed him to gain working experience in the field of architecture, and gave opportunities to research small living spaces in Tokyo, and mobile homes in California. In 2003 he published two papers: “Transporting space - a concept for a planetary mobile workstation” and “Semi rigid inflatable mobile - an interior design concept” both describing a concept of Mobile Rover Habitat for a working-living environment on the surface of planet of Mars. Recently Mr. Versteeg has been invited to participate in the space habitation study “SpaceHaven”, which will enable Europe to support humans’ exploration of the outer space in the near future and in forthcoming planetary missions.

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