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Schweizer Wohngebäude als XML Daten

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Master of Advanced Studies in Architecture, Specialization in Computer Aided Architectural Design | 065-0005/6
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Ludger Hovestadt, Philipp Schaerer
Chair of CAAD, ETH Zurich


Toni Kotnik

In contemporary housing construction it has become more and more difficult to determine the requirements of future inhabitants because of changing ways of living and an increasing individualisation.That is why the design of multi-storied housing often does not correspond with the inhabitant demands. The goal of the generator is to react to the changing ways of living by introducing individual tttttttttttt   variability and selection possibilities into the design of floor plans. Instead of accepting a predefined distribution of spaces every inhabitant will be enabled to design his own plan layout. The resulting dimensions of the walls then will be exported as XML-files and used as input for the production of wooden partition walls.
Flash-Animation: Start   HierGehtsWeiterHierGehtsWeiterHierGehtsWeiterHierG..>>   The Ballroom

Martin Tann

The Ballroom is a game that combines geometrical calculations with flash animations. The player can launch balls in an abstract game field and play with speed, angles, friction... You can choose different play modes as well - that means you can just watch the balls rolling, let them collide or they even melt when they have a hard crash. You can make the balls leave their TheBallroomTheBallroomTheBallroomTheBallr   tracks if you want. That makes the application a bit slow but it's nice to watch!
When the balls collide, they sometimes bounce off in a wrong angle - this is a little compromise due to the programm speed. To consider all special crash-cases would be too much calculation. Well, try the application and have fun!
flash movie: The Ballroom   ..>>   Greenhouse

Benjamin Dillenburger

The user draws and saves his own individual seed online. afterwards he let the seed grow depending on different parameters. the final plant can be printet out. The easy interface of this configurator enables the user to play with artificial botanic structures without the need of writing any code. GreenhouseGreenhouseGreenhouseGreenhouseG   For me, an important aspect of this configurator is the balance between the range of control and the unexpexted results. While playing with the parameters or drawing new seeds, the user will be surprised about the large amount of possible results.

Bild01_fianlresult.jpg 3angulator

Matthias Zaeh

By setting points in the side or topview the user creates a treedimensional structure. The setted point connects the two nearest neighbourpoints. These points can be moved and claered on both views to optimize the final shape which will be exported as xml-data. mmmmmmmmm   .
..>>   LuminousSource

Claudia Fuhr

An existing prototype of the lamp “Fire” was chosen to work further on. A wide range of possible results is available to set up. Besides the sizing XS to XXXL, starting with a small bar pendant light up to a chandeliers size, the selectable options are four in each case; style (e.g. table, floor, wall, pendant), shape, material and colour. LuminousSourceLuminousSourceLuminousSourc   The configurator is based on a database and gives the potential customer an overview of the assortment and spurs the user to configure a favourite version of the product. The output will be exported as a machine-code number. [4-Configurator]
Flash Movie: Link   ..>>

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