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Assignment 2 : Make_it!

The second assignment is intended to give you the opportunity to develop and execute a mini fabrication project using CAAD and CAM technology.

This assignment is set up as a mini-thesis, where each participant is expected to propose an idea for a design that can be manufactured using the CNC Mill. Each project should address the ideas of programmed design, mass customization, or generative design. The final physically manufactured piece is to be considered a version of the programmed design, and a basic "proof of concept".

The idea for the project should come from an area of design that is conceptually associated with the acts of architecture. such as:
- Industrial Design
- Furniture Design
- Architecture component design
- Art piece

The project should address the technologies of CAAD and CAM and should be seen as a way of "showcasing" these technologies:
- The conceptual object should be "customizable"
- The object should take advantage of the cutting nature of the mill
o Curvilinear
o Non-standard
o Three dimensional
o Solid
o Cutting paths or patterns
- The object should be simple enough to be programmed
- There should be a logical reason WHY one would want to program it



The process for the project should have (at minimum) these five key steps:
    1. Concept proposal
    2. Project development
    3. Manufacturing
    4. Documentation
    5. Presentation

The individual proposals should also outline the scope of the deliverables:
- What will the scope of the concept be?
- What will be created digitally?
- What will be manufactured?
- What will be included in the documentation?
- How will the SUCCESS of the project be evaluated?


All participants are required to produce a complete set of documentation:
- A CD sized booklet with explanation, images, and presentation of the project.
- A CD with all the data used to create the project and the final presentation
- A "powerpoint" beamed presentation for the final critique

Assignment 1 : SKILL BUILDING

The first assignment will be a basic skill building assignment following the basic milling work progression:
1. generating a surface, or series of surfaces, (MAYA or other CAD)
2. translating them into G-Code, (Surf CAM)
3. and finally milling the pieces. (Precix)

Each student is required to create a milled surface within a block of polystyrene foam board (supplied) with dimensions
of 50cm x 30cm x 10cm (maximum). The surface is to be created in Maya (or any other CAD program), and broken into several
component areas. When using Surf-CAM to create milling paths for the surface, the different areas can be used to differentiate
and experiment with parameters for the milling path types, step sizes, and endmills. By varying the parameters the different
areas across the surface should demonstrate differing surface textures and patterns.

The emphasis of this assignment is to familiarize the students with the different software, introduce the students to the
machine and give them an overview of its capabilities (and limitations), and give the students an idea about the basic work
flow and the time requirements.

The assignment will be reviewed on Wednesday January 19th at 14:00.

-- RussellLoveridge - 07 Jan 2005

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