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Campus and the City offers visionary perspectives on university and corporate developments and how they can be integrated more completely with their social, cultural, and economic urban contexts. The latest tendencies of campus design are presented through a series of international examples by renowned practitioners and experts in the field. In addition a collection of 32 worldwide selected projects provides a survey of diverse campus models.
Most of the satellite campuses built in the 1960’s and 70’s, such as ETH Hoenggerberg, are now outdated and in dire need of restructuring. At the same time, many new university districts are being established, especially in emerging Asian countries. In addition, corporations are increasingly seeking strategies that will encourage innovation and synergy within their centres or clusters, and look to the academic campus as a model for development.
In this discourse, the validity of traditional campus models separated from the city is being questioned, as this ‘ivory tower’ typology runs counter to the efforts of many of these institutions to reintegrate themselves into the urban public realm.
This volume addresses important aspects of new campus concepts, from spatial organisations promoting internal knowledge transfer and social interaction to the kinds of urban strategies that are needed to create sustainable centres of knowledge and learning that can flexibly respond to the changing demands of society.

16 x 22 cm, bound, approx. 328 pages, approx. 332 figures colour/ black and white
CHF 38.-/ Euro 26.-

Title: Campus and the City - Urban Design for the Knowledge Society
Editors: Kerstin Hoeger and Kees Christiaanse
Authors: Edzo Bindels, Kees Christiaanse, Janne Corneil, Andrea Deplazes, Gunter Henn, Kerstin Hoeger, Edo Hofland, Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani, Wilhelm Natrup, Werner Oechslin, Philip Parsons, Gerhard Schmitt, Remo Steinmetz, Zhu Wenyi, Riken Yamamoto, and Art Zaaijer
Publisher: gta Verlag, forthcoming October 2007 at Frankfurt Book Fair,
Language: British-English
Circulation: 2'000
Exhibition: 32 displays and 3D-printed models, world map

His Exellency Mr. Edo Hofland, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands,

Campus and the City: An Introduction
Kerstin Hoeger, ISB ETHZ,

Three Conditions for Successful Campus Planning
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmitt, Vice President Planning and Logistics ETHZ,,

The Campus as Location and Strategy: Thumbnail Sketches of Science City
Prof. Andrea Deplazes, Dean Department of Architecture ETHZ,,

Campus and the City: Urban Design for Universities
Prof. Kees Christiaanse, ISB ETHZ, KCAP Rotterdam - Zurich,,

Utrecht Campus Developments: One University, Two Campuses
Art Zaaijer, Architectenbureau Art Zaaijer, Amsterdam,

New Environments for Education
Edzo Bindels, West 8, Rotterdam,

Systems Structure: Open Space = Open Mind
Prof. Riken Yamamoto, Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop, Yokohama, Riken Yamamoto & Beda Fessler, Zug,,

Two Campuses Harmonious in Difference: Guangzhou University City Group 3
Prof. Dr. Zhu Wenyi, Dean School of Architecture Tsinghua University Beijing,

The Contribution of Campus Planning to the Knowledge Society: An International Perspective
Janne Corneil and Philip Parsons, Sasaki Associates, Boston,

Benchmark of Technology Sites
Wilhelm Natrup, Ernst Basler und Partner AG Zurich,

The Space of Knowledge: Campus Design for the Network Society
Prof. Dr. Gunter Henn, Henn Architekten Berlin - Munich,

An Experiment in Urbanism: Novartis Campus, Basel
Prof. Dr. Vittorio M. Lampugnani, ISB/ GTA ETHZ,,

Campus Americanensis – Quo vadis?
Remo Steinmetz, SHARE Boston, Cambridge MA,

Summary and Prospects: "... worthy of the great University..."
Prof. Dr. Werner Oechslin, GTA ETHZ,

Campus Design Collection
Kerstin Hoeger, Arley Kim, Cati Rauch, Christian Salewski, Soley Suter et al.

City Campuses
Cambridge University (GB),
Harvard University, Cambridge (US),
MIT Campus, Cambridge (US),
University of Karlsruhe (DE),
Moscow Lomonosov State University (RU),
IIT Chicago (US),
ETSAB Barcelona (ES),
Bilgi University, Istanbul (TR),

Greenfield Campuses
TU Delft (NL),
University of Alicante (ES),
Free University of Berlin (DE),
University of Konstanz (DE),
TU Cottbus (DE),
De Uithof Campus, University of Utrecht (NL),
Science City, ETH Zurich (CH),
Harvard Allston Campus, Boston (US),

High-tech Campuses
Stanford Research Park/ Sillicon Valley, Palo Alto (US),
University and Technology Park Bremen (DE),,
Berlin Adlershof/ Campus Humboldt University (DE),
Garching Campus/ TU Munich (DE),,
Otaniemi Science Park/ Campus TU Helsinki, ESPOO (FI),
Science Park Amsterdam (NL),
Zernike Science Park/ University of Groningen (NL),
University PArk at MIT, Cambridge (US),

Corporate Campuses
Microsoft Campus, Seattle (US),
Nike World Campus, Beaverton (US),
Vitra Campus, Weil am Rhein (DE),
Benetton Headquarters, Treviso/ Veneto (IT),
Philips Businesspark and High-tech Campus, Eindhoven (NL),,
adidas Herzobase/ World of Sports, Herzogenaurach (DE),
VW Mobile Life Campus, Wolfsburg (DE),
Novartis Campus, Basel (CH),

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