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Campus Design Symposium

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Campus Design was an international architecture and urban design symposium. Hosted by the Chair of Architecture and Urban Design, the symposium was held on Thursday, 18 May 2006 at ETH Zurich’s Network City and Landscape. Campus Design offered a platform on which architects and planners could exchange critical and visionary perspectives on academic and corporate campus developments with representatives from the political, economic and social sectors.

The focus of the symposium was campus design in both the public and private realm, from the conversion and revitalization of mono-functional university centres to the creation of new campuses which seek to form lively urban districts. The latest tendencies of campus design were discussed through a series of international examples presented by renowned practitioners and speakers in the field. The discussion of this contemporary urban design phenomenon was centred on the current project for ETH Science City.

Hosts and moderation
Kees Christiaanse/ Kerstin Hoeger (ETH Zurich) / Remo Steinmetz (SHARE Boston)

Susanne Keller (organization), Jan Oerum/ Rolf Jeker/ Jenny Keller (technique and camera), Andreas Gähwiler (graphics), Arley Kim (lectorate), Roman Keller (photography), Franziska Maeder/ Christoph Blaser (registration)

Kerstin Hoeger/ Alex Lehnerer (instructions), Cati Rauch/ Soley Suter (layout), Michael Knutti (3D-prints), Norbert Föhn (world map), Antje Lindemann, Linda Looser, Evran Alper, Francis Fawcett, Stephan Hassler , Wouter Homs, Mario Locci, Annick Mehdorn, Piero Mercadante, Daniela Pauli (content)

Over 180 specialists in the field of architecture, urban design and planning, real estate and knowledge management as well as other interested people took part at the symposium. Around 20 people participated via video link from the SHARE Boston.
(Particpants list.pdf)

Program and abstracts

08.30 Registration HCI J 3

09.00 Welcome
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmitt, VP Planning and Logistics ETHZ
Prof. Andrea Deplazes, Dean Departement of Architecture ETHZ
His Exellency Mr. Edo Hofland, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

09.45 Introduction on Campus Design
Kerstin Hoeger, ISB ETHZ

10.00 Urban Design for Universities
Prof. Kees Christiaanse, ISB ETHZ

10.45 Break

11.15 Benchmark of Technology Quarters
Wilhelm Natrup, Ernst Basler und Partner AG Zurich

12.00 Systems Structure
Prof. Riken Yamamoto, Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop Yokohama

12.45 Lunch

14.15 New Environments for Education
Edzo Bindels, West 8 Rotterdam

15.00 Mobile Life Campus
Prof. Dr. Gunter Henn, Henn Architekten Berlin-München

15.45 Break

16.15 Videolink to SHARE Boston
Remo Steinmetz, SHARE Boston Cambridge MA

16.25 The Contribution of Campus Planning to the Knowledge Society - An International Perspective
Janne Corneil and Philip Parsons, Sasaki Associates Boston MA (Videolink from SHARE Boston)

17.00 Novartis Campus Basel: An Experiment in Urbanism
Prof. Dr. Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani, ISB ETHZ

17.45 Panel Discussion with Speakers
Prof. Dr. Werner Oechslin (moderator), GTA ETHZ

18.30 Opening Campus Design Exhibition
Apéro at the Science City Infospot

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