Program Structure
The Master of Advanced Studies in CAAD is a one-year program that is divided into a series of  seven independent modules. Each module is taught in seminar-style on a unique subject, and concludes with an individual or group project. Modules are approximately four weeks long. Some of the modules are divided into submodules (A:research, B:development, C:application) Featured modules for this year follow:

M0: Welcome/ Living in a World of Abundant Potentiabilities (September,1 Week)

M1: Theory and information (October, 4 Weeks)

M2: Algorithmic Design/ Fiction/ Advanced Geometry Modelling (November, 4 Weeks)

M3: Connected Artefacts/ Innovation/ Mass Customised Production  (Dec – Januar, 4 Weeks)

M4: Architecture and Information (Januar – Feb, 4 Weeks)

M5: Customised Materials/ Articulation/ Building Information Models (March, 4 Weeks)


M6: Design Beyond the Problematic/ Population/ Buidling Operation Models (April, 4 Weeks)

M7: Information and I (Mai, 4 Weeks)

IT: Individual Thesis  (June-September, 12 Weeks)