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Transformation Scenarios for an Deteriorated Downtown Area

This studio offers the full spectrum from conceptual design to the possible realization of pilot projects in Belgrade. Results will be exhibited on-site as an integral part of the cultural events in 2013 and participants will be invited to further elaborate on some of the proposals developed in the studio with the aim of realizing trigger projects in Savamala.


The Savamala District

Savamala, once a vivid trading and manufacturing neighborhood, is today a peripheral place right in the heart of Belgrade. It is known for noise, pollution, prostitution and illegal housing, and bears the conspicuous insignia of decay. Splendid but neglected architectural remnants of a great historical past stand adjacent to old warehouses, run-down residential buildings and jerry-built workshops. Belgrade has recently been rediscovering the forgotten history and beauty of Savamala, interpreting it as the rising star of creative industries and entrepreneurs. However, obstructed by unsolved ownership issues, political power-games and the financial crises, the promising future is still a distant prospect, calling for extended urban transformation strategies. 

Urban Incubator Belgrade

Launched by the Goethe-Institute Belgrade and curated by the Chair for Architecture and Urban Design, Urban Incubator is an cultural initiative inaugurating temporary projects from the domains art, design and urban sociology with the aims of calling attention on Savamala as a neighborhood with development potential and, in collaboration with local actors and stakeholders, catalyzing continuative urban transformation.


Urban Design Studio

Elaborate research and strategic urban design will not only complement one another in our work but will also be combined in employing design methods as research tools in order to identify and test potentials of the site‘s status quo. We will look at different possible scenarios for Savamala and its role in Belgrade‘s urban structure for the time-horizon beyond the events of the Urban Incubator initiative. Proposals will be based partly upon the site‘s historic legacies and partly on additional potentials, for example the confluence of the rivers Danube and Sava and the theme of Belgrade as a city of international fairs. We will work in multiple scales, ranging from urban planning all the way to block- and architecture-scale interventions, and will develop actor-based business models for the proposed transformations.


Workshop in Belgrade

On-site workshop between 21-26 September 2012, in collaboration with the Goethe-Institute and the University of Belgrade, is an integral part of the studio. Air travel and accommodation costs a flat-rate of CHF 500.- (+/-10%).


• Participants: max. 12

• Introduction: 18.09.2012, Studiospace in Werk11, 10:00 am

• Credit points: 13 + 3 (incl. integrated discipline planning)

• Sign up to: Professur K. Christiaanse (Urban Design Studio)



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