ETH Studio Basel Contemporary City Institute

ETH Studio Basel is an institute of urban research that was founded in 1999 by the architects Roger Diener, Jacques Herzog, Marcel Meili, and Pierre de Meuron. It is part of the Department of Architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH). After the publication of Switzerland — An Urban Portrait (2004), ETH Studio Basel has been running a research program focusing on the understanding of transforming cities and urbanizing territories worldwide. Research subjects have included the Canary Islands, the development of the tri-national region of Basel, the impact of migration flows on Nairobi, the territorial dimension of urban development in the Nile Valley, Florida, and Muscat, and the spatial and urban implications of food production and consumption in Basel.

Further publications by the institute include: Open — Closed: An Urban Research Study on the Canary Islands (2007), MetroBasel Comic (2009), Belgrade: Formal — Informal (2012), Nairobi — Migration shaping the City (2013), The Inevitable Specificity of Cities (2014) and achtung: die Landschaft (2016) .

Since 2016, the Institute is focusing on research on the Swiss territory led by professors Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron.