M2:W1(Karsten Schimdt) Day3: Various

M2:W1(Karsten Schimdt) Day3: Various

[slideshow] 09:00 – 12:00 |聽Mesh to Voxel(Catenary Mesh from Day2 was voxelized and 3D printed), Cellular Automata & Wolfram, Creating Shapes controlling Brownian Motion (i.g.聽 13:00 – 19:00 聽|聽Programming Parametric Facade, File Read/Write, GUI Library and Others (download... Read More

M2:Links/Games in Processing

M2:Links/Games in Processing A snake follows mouse:聽 A crazy version of Bouncing ball:聽 The second ever computer game :聽 The game book from our chair: (links... Read More

M2:Processing Resources They are all concerned with much the same topics, and approach them from聽聽slightly different angles.聽Most of the examples have extensive explanations and documentation. (from Michael Hansmeyer)  Read More