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Metalworks seminar week finished


[26.05.2006] In November 2005, assistants of the Chairs of Prof. Hovestadt and Prof. Deplazes organized a student competition in a seminar week for a 50m2 steel roof for a school yard in the city of Zurich. A jury, consisting of representatives of the City of Zurich, Engineers, Prof. Hovestadt and Prof. Deplazes, decided for a project with 15 seperated roofs. The project named "water game" is a water cascade: The square roofs have different heights. The water will run from roof to roof until it drips on the ground.

After preparing the realization in close cooperation with the City of Zurich, time has come now in May 2006 to build: 17 students took part in a seminar week to learn about lasercutting, welding, punching, bending… Blechteam in Rümlang opened the doors of their workshop and allowed students to work with professional assistance on their machines. The number of people working at Blechteam was suddenly multiplied by four. Thanks to detailed preparation, students were integrated quickly in the workflow of the roof production and within in only four days, 62,4 m2 steel and 189m2 aluminium were transformed into a sophisticated metal construction. All the pieces were cut and bend total of 15 x 12 individual pieces – not a single standard profile was used. The roofs will now be lacked and galvanized. Final set up on the site at Kernstrasse School will take place in the middle of July.

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Chair of CAAD, Prof. Hovestadt: Christoph Schindler, Oskar Zieta
Chair of Architecture and Construction, Prof. Deplazes: Maud Châtelet, Barbara Wiskemann
Model Workshop: If Ebnöther
ETH D-MAVT: Thomas Jost
Students: Corinne Aebischer, Roman Bieri, Raphael Bollhalder, Benjamin Bollmann, Simone Buchmann, Rosanna Valeria Borsotti, Silja Ebert, Manuel Gross, Jens Jaschek, Michael Keller, Simon Krauss, Fabian Landolt, Emil Legat, Mirjam Kägi, Thomas Raoseta, Michael Reiterer, Pascal Rosé, Michael Schiess, Mick Schneider, Stefan Vetsch, Milena Vultecic, Samuel Waehry, Christian Walser, Arne Weiss
Blechteam: Andy Grau, Heinz Schaerer, Roger Müller, Hilmi Evergil, Rodrigo Hintermann, Mahmut Gökdemir
Engineer: Patrick Gartmann, Conzett Bronzini Gartmann AG
City of Zurich: Sandra Zacher, Ruedi Detsch, Mark Ziegler


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