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CAAD Publications

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Conference Papers

C. Schindler, M. Châtelet, B. Wiskemann, O.Zieta (2007): Umbrella Schoolyard Roofs in Zürich – Reflecting on a 1:1 Seminar with Digital Sheet Metal Fabrication. In: eCAADe Conference 2007. Proceedings of the International Conference. Ed. J. Kieferle and K. Ehlers. Wiesbaden.

Schindler, Christoph and Scheurer, Fabian (2006): "Neue Formen und neue Wertschöpfung: Digitale Produktionsketten für den Holzbau." In: Internationale Konferenz zur Automation in der Holzwirtschaft, Proceedings of the Conference. Biel.

Schindler, Christoph, Braach, Markus, and Scheurer, Fabian (2006): "Inventioneering Architecture – building a doubly curved section through Switzerland." In: ACADIA Conference 2006 Synthetic Landscapes. Proceedings of the International Conference. Ed. Gregory A. Luhan. Louisville Kentucky.

Brezinka, Veronika and Steffen P. Walz (2006): „Computerspiele in der Psychotherapie - den Teufel mit dem Beelzebub austreiben?" Proceedings of the 16. Kongress für Klinische Psychologie, Psychotherapie und Beratung, 3.-7. März 2006, Berlin.

Scheurer, Fabian, Schindler, Christoph, and Braach, Markus (2005): "From Design to Production: Three Complex Structures Materialised in Wood." In Proceedings of the GA 2005 International Conference on Generative Art 2005., ed. Celestino Soddu. Milan.

Scheurer, Fabian (2005): "Turning the Design Process Downside-up - Self-Organization in Real-World Architecture." In Proceedings of Computer Aided Architectural Design Futures 2005, ed. Bob Martens and André Brown, 269-278. Vienna: Springer, Dordrecht.

Scheurer, Fabian (2005): "A Simulation Toolbox for Self-Organisation in Architectural Design." In Proceedings of Innovation in Architecture, Engineering and Computing (AEC) 2005, ed. Sevil Sariyildiz and Bige Tuncer, 2, 533-543. Rotterdam, NL: Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture.

Scheurer, Fabian (2003): "The Groningen Twister - an experiment in applied generative design." In Proceedings of the GA International Conference on Generative Art. Polytechnic University of Milan.

Walz, Steffen P. (2006): „Serious Pervasive Game Design: First Steps towards a Spatial-Ludic Rhetoric for Sentient Architectures". In: Proceedings of game set and match II. International Conference 2006 on Computer Games, Advanced Geometries and Digital Technologies, TU Delft. [accepted]

Walz, Steffen P., Schoch, Odilo, Ochsendorf, Mathias, and Torsten Spindler (2005): „Serious Fun. Pervasive Game Design as a CAAD Teaching and Research Method." In: Proceedings of eCAADe 2005 - Conference on education and research in computer aided architectural design in Europe, September 21-24, 2005, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal. pp. 279-286.

Walz, Steffen P., Buurman, Gerhard M., Wartmann, Christoph, Schirm, Simon, Moravanszky, Adam, and Ronald Vuillemin (2004): "Carplication - A Rhetorical Study Information Racer." In: Proceedings of the ACM SIGCHI International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology ACE 2004. New York: ACM Press.


Walz, Steffen P. (2005): „Research Issues in ArchITectural Game Design“ (Symposium statement). Proceedings of the 2nd International Digital Games Research Association Conference (DiGRA 2005). Simon Fraser University, Vancouver.


Schindler, Christoph and Scheurer, Fabian (2007): "Building Continuous Digital Planning Processes on Timber Infrastructure – Two Case Studies on Digital Wood Fabrication." (Poster) In: Parametric Modeling and Digital Wood Fabrication Workshop. Canadian Design Research Network CDRN, Feb 15-24, 2007 University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

Brezinka, Veronika and Steffen P. Walz (2005): „Computerspiele in der Psychotherapie von Kindern und Jugendlichen." (poster) In: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie, 4. Fachtagung der Fachgruppe Medienpsychologie, Schwerpunkt-Thema "Kinder und Medien", September 7-9, Universität Erfurt. Cf.

Walz, Steffen P., Schoch, Odilo, Schaerer, Philipp, Gmelin, Sebastian, Bonwetsch, Tobias, Hillner, Bergit, Schmidt, Rafael Georg, Mermans, Bart, Przerwa, Jan, and Arno Schlueter (2005): „Serious Bioplay: A Computer Integrated Building Service Game applying Psychophysiological Input." (poster) In: Extended Proceedings of UbiComp 2005 - The 7th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing, Tokyo, Japan.

Walz, Steffen P. and Ludger Hovestadt (2005): „Serious Pervasive Game Design for Sentient Architectures" (poster) In: Online Proceedings of the MICS Scientific Conference 2005, Loewenberg, Switzerland, September 21-32.

Book Chapters and Journals

Schindler, Christoph, Scheurer Fabian, and Walz, Arnold (2007): "The whole and its parts." in: Verb : Parametric / Algorithmic Design. Barcelona : Actar. [in print]

Schindler, Christoph (2007): "Building Continuous Digital Planning Processes on Timber Infrastructure – Two Case Studies on Digital Wood Fabrication." In: Neumann, Oliver and Beesley, Philipp (eds.): Futurewood. Innovation in Building Design + Manufacturing. Cambridge Ont. : Canadian Design Research Network CDRN, Riverside Architectural Press. pp. 114-119.

Scheurer, Fabian (in press): "Getting Complexity Organised: Using Self-Organisation in Architectural Construction." Automation in Construction, DOI:10.1016/j.autcon.2005.10.006.

Schindler, Christoph and Scheurer, Fabian (2006): "Komplexität bauen – Die digitale Umsetzung von Libeskinds Futuropolis." In: Beyes, Timon, Keller, Holm, Spoun, Sascha and Libeskind, Daniel (eds.): Die Stadt als Perspektive. Zur Konstruktion urbaner Räume. Ostfildern : Hatje Cantz. pp. 142-147.

Walz, Steffen P. and Odilo Schoch (2006): „Pervasive Game Design as an Architectural Teaching and Research Method." In: Gibson, David, Aldrich, Clark, and Marc Prensky (eds.): Games and Simulations in Online Learning. Hershey, PA: Idea Group Publishing. [accepted]

Hovestadt, Ludger, Schindler, Christoph, Braach, Markus, Scheurer, Fabian, and Fritz, Oliver (2005): Digital Chain – From form design to process design." In: Faculty of Architecture D-ARCH, ETH Zurich (ed.): Inventioneering Architecture Switzerland. Zurich : gta Verlag

Walz, Steffen P. (2005): „Delightful Identification & Persuasion: Towards an Analytical and Applied Rhetoric of Digital Games." In: McAllister, Ken and Ryan Moeller (eds.): Works and Days. Capitalizing on Play: The Politics of Computer Gaming. Vol 22, Nr. 43/44. Indiana, PA: Indiana University of Pennsylvania. pp. 185-200.

Walz, Steffen P. (2005): „Extreme Game Design: Spielrhetorische Ueberlegungen zur Methodik des Grauens.“ In. Nohr, Rolf F., Bopp, Matthias, and Britta Neitzel (Eds.): "See? I'm Real..." Multidisziplinäre Zugänge zum Computerspiel am Beispiel von 'Silent Hill'. Münster: LIT. pp. 145-156.

Walz, Steffen P. (2005): „Constituents of Hybrid Reality: Cultural Anthropological Elaborations and a Serious Game Design Experiment merging Mobility, Media, and Computing.” In: Buurman, Gerhard M. (Ed.): Total Interaction. Theory and Practice of a New Paradigm for the Design Disciplines. Basel: Birkhäuser. pp. 122-141.

Other Publications (reports, interviews etc.)

Götz, Ulrich and Walz, Steffen P. (2004). "Level-Design - eine Nische für Architekten?". Email-Interview mit Ulrich Götz und Steffen P. Walz nach Fragen von Friedrich v. Borries und Ulrich Brinkmann. In: Bauwelt. 95. Jg., Nr. 30 (06.08.04). p. 26-27.

Hartkopf, Volker, Walz, Steffen P., Davidson, Drew, Klug, Chris (2005): „The Energy Game: Towards deep learning of effective energy production, distribution, and consumption with serious interactive entertainment". Joint Research Proposal to the U.S. Department of Energy, October.

Walz, Steffen P. Hovestadt, Ludger (2005): „Serious Game Applications for Sensor and Computer Integrated Buildings and Building Complexes", Research Proposal for NCCR MICS2 submitted to the SNF Panel Review, EPF Lausanne, March. (internal)

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