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For their Freshmen week in October 2005, the University of St. Gallen organized a very special event: They invited architect Daniel Libeskind to design a sculpture the freshmen will work with in workshops. The sculpture consists of 98 "towers" that will form seven "cities". The whole sculpure consists of 2000 different pieces – a puzzle that is not to handle with conventional means of manual production. By repeating the boolean operations of the design process with a vectorscript application, the sculptures will be optimized in shape following technical criterias such as maximal span and minimal complexity in detailing. The pieces will be automatically numbered and their shape described in machine code – the pieces are sent directly to the 5-axis-mill for CNC-manufacturing. The time consuming step of manual saving every single piece, numbering it, preparing it for the machine (selecting tools and paths) will be skipped and at the same time a dangerous source for manual mistakes erased. "This construction would not be possible with another means of design process", explained Franz Bach, head of the CNC-carpentry that is manufacturing the sculpture.

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