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Jahresausstellung Department Architektur 2005

CNC | Design with sheet metal

The Master of Advanced Studies in Architecture, Specialization in Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD), explores the use of new digital tools, techniques, and technologies so as to expand the definition of contemporary architecture. This investigation of new technologies extends the traditional practice of architectural design to include issues of design, multimedia, programming, control systems, and fabrication using computer controlled machines. The main focus of the program is computer based architectural design and its automated production.

The use of CNC fabrication machining was the focus for the final module of this year’s postgraduate course. For this module participants were asked to investigate issues of design and fabrication using digital production, while being limited to one material – structural plate steel. The use of this material removed the students from their previous experiences, short skill building workshops provided a foundation in the skills of welding, CNC laser cutting, and CNC folding and forming of the steel.

The use of a sheet material focused the primary design topic onto issues of geometry, folding, and forming. From a manufacturing perspective, the materiality, working process, and fabrication efficiency were addressed. From an architectural perspective, the relation between the two dimensional material and the three dimensional form raised issues of structure, assembly, and design.

The use of new digital tools in architecture extends the profession beyond traditional design. New technologies, such as those being developed by TRUMPF AG, allow the direct output of digital design into physical architecture. The combination of innovative concepts of CAAD & advanced fabrication machines allowed this years participants first hand experience with the future of architectural design and production.

Filme : CNC | Design with sheet metal : Cnc | Konstruieren mit Blech

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