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CAAD at Euro. Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks


CAAD presents in cooperation with Teco (Karlsruhe) and Particle Computer a live Demonstration of smart area monitoring wihtin and around buildings. Using the small digital sensors uParts, ETH Zurich's ETZ building (the workshops venue place) is monitored by 35 sensors. The demonstration is part of CAAD's Building IP research within 'pervasive computing'.

Energy has become one of the main cost drivers in our society. Therefore technical systems and solutions that save energy and keep the costs down gain in importance. In buildings, equipment like air-condition and heating consume high amounts of energy. Even small adjustments can therefore lead to significant lowering of costs. With the help of sensor networks, the monitoring and controlling of facilities can be simplified and improved. In this demo, we present a fine granular and long-term operating system for monitoring the relevant physical parameters of a building both indoors and outdoors.

The conference takes place in Zurich from Feb. 13th until 15. 2006.

- EWSN 2006
- CAAD group, Computer Integrated Buildings
- particle Computer, Karlsruhe
- Teco, Karlsruhe

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