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"Camera Obscura" inauguration in Trondheim

camera obscura

[11.12.2006] On a prominent public space in the former harbour area of Trondheim in Norway an accessible "Camera Obscura" was inaugurated on Sat 09.12. The timber construction explores the full potential of automated joinery machines. The structure was designed and built by students of NTNU Trondheim. Fabian Scheurer and Christoph Schindler from the Chair of CAAD supported the course with their knowledge on computer aided manufacturing.

Eskild Andersen, Åge Eivind Aslaksen, Erik Fjelldal, Sindre Kjetil Frigstad, Kristian Hansen, Madeleine Johander, Maria Bjørn Olsen, Christian Robberstad, Anne Sandnes, Frederike Finne Selp, Ingrid Solbakken, Anders H. Strand, Bjørn Olav Susæg, Ingvild Sæbu Vatn, Matti Viig

Geometry Consulting and Engineering
Christoph Schindler, Fabian Scheurer

NTNU Trondheim
Project Website
Prof. Knut Einar Larsen

Design tutors
SHoP Architects, Christopher Sharples
yes architecture, Ruth Berktold
Brendeland Kristoffersen Architects,
Geir Brendeland and Olav Kristoffersen

Eikås Sagbruk A/S
John Anker Telhaug, John Olav Telhaug
Trebyggeriet A/S
Sigbjørn Daasvatn

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