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The Konsensmaschine allows all stakeholders to take part in the design process. The study for the Papierwerdareal in Zürich copes with the redesign of the "Globus Provisorium" next to main station. The area considered as the heart of the city is extremely difficult to deal with, as many external factors have to be taken into account. Does the new building block views to important elements like the Grossmünster or the lake? How much of Limmat's waterfront is occupied and so on? Beside this kind of zoning the two main programmes of hotel and marked have to be composed with all their internal interests: The hotel-rooms want to have a view to the lake, the market wants to be on ground floor and close to the station, the restaurant has to be located next to market and hotel lobby .... Our design is now able to react to external factors, as general volumetric issues according to view blockage, building height and location at the river and simultaneously restructure and redesign the internal organisation, which itself could be adjusted by certain parameters. So whatever location or volume you want to implement on city scale, you always get the "right" building!

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