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appenzell dulcimer

[05.07.2006] An Appenzell dulcimer (or hammered dulcimer) is a hammer-struck, trapezoid-shaped zither. In the Appenzell region in Switzerland there is a long tradition of dulcimer building. The project is a wonderful synthesis of traditional craftsmanship and computer aided manufacturing: According to the design of the dulcimer player Fredi Zuberbühler we optimized the frame elements for a dulcimer with arched resonance body and prepared them for the CNC-production on the 5-axis-router. The tops are subareas of a cone with shifted apex and therefore only single-curved. The bent tops allows better resistance to the string tension and require less frame elements than the traditional flat body. The project was realized in a cooperation of Werner Alder dulcimer making for the handmade detailing and finish and Bach Heiden AG for the CNC-production.

Fredi Zuberbühler

Geometry Consulting and Engineering
ETH Zürich
Christoph Schindler, Fabian Scheurer

Dulcimer Production
Werner Alder, Herisau

Bach Heiden AG
Heiden (CH)
Franz Roman Bach, Hansueli Dumelin

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