Ok! You want to start with physical computing, so you need a point to start. This page should get you started.
All you need is a micro-cotroller like 'Wiring' or 'Arduino' and some basic tools (like a soldering station...). Probably some knowledge about electric circuits will help too. If you don't know anything about this topic, you will find some very basic tutorials here as well. Happy hacking!

Books | Tutorials | Various | Parts | Processing


Physical Computing. Link | Turorials
Making Things Talk Link


Eclipse for Arduino Link
Video tutorials on 'howto' physical computing Link
Wiring Tutorials
  • Examples on
  • Diagrams on (very helpful)


Freedurino Link
Bionic Arduino Link
Lecture exercises Comming soon
Physical Computing site of the ITP with loads of tutorials.
  • Components - Some of the basic components
  • Breadboard - Setting up a breadboard
  • Soldering - Begining soldering exercise
  • Electronics - Introduction to electronics
  • Digital input and output on the Arduino Module
  • Analog input and output on the Arduino Module
  • Serial Communication - Guide to microcontroller-to-PC communication using Processing
  • Serial Communication - More on serial
  • and many more.
Tigoe's tutorials - very helpful!



The Fun Theory - Turn behaviors for better - various projects Link
instructables - nice Tutorials and examples Link
InstantSoup - Lots of fine examples of physical computing Link
Hack-a-day - Tons of finest 'Physical Computing' hacks Link
MAKE - Projects, Hacks, Ideas and Inspirations Link
MAKEMAGAZIN videos on you tube - Projects, Hacks, Ideas and Inspirations Link
Liquidware - Projects, examlpes and a shop ;o) Link
Liquidware Antipasto - A blog about Open Source Hardware and experiences Link

Parts and where to get it

Sparkfun (USA - 10 days delivery) Link
Seeedstudio (USA/ via China -> 10-14 days delivery) Link
Switch Studio (Japan -> 10-14 days delivery) Link
Flamingo EDA (China / translated to english for better understanding) Link
Farnell (CH - 1-2 days delivery) Link
Distrelec (CH - 1-2 days delivery) Link
Conrad (CH - 3-5 days delivery) Link
Parts for UAV - Drones Link

Processing (German only!)

Programmieren oder Zeichnen? Kapitelübersicht PDF
Kapitel 1: Processing Fundamentals PDF
Kapitel 2: Kleine Einführung für Nicht-Programmierer PDF
Kapitel 3: Variablen PDF
Kapitel 4: Kontrollstrukturen PDF
Kapitel 5: Funktionen PDF
Kapitel 6: Objekt Orientiertes Programmieren PDF
Folien: Synthesizing Emergence PDF
Movie: Synthesizing Emergence MOV
Folien: Object Orientated Design PDF anzeigen
Folien: OOD Ant Foraging Example PDF

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