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Wireless Home Automation Project - Home automation based on Arduino web server & RFM 12 wireless module
Based on Arduino, WIZnet 5100 and RFM12 wireless module, we are trying to set up a low cost, remote control Home Automation platform. ...>>

StoneNode - Falling Rock Motion Tracking with EmbeddedLab Technology
The aim of this project is to research, if there is a way using Arduino and its embedded technology to track falling rock motion and rotation, as well as the decent and impact. ...>>

Material Animation - a kinetic light installation
a project of the 2011 MAS class, supervised by Manuel Kretzer and Ruairi Glynn ...>>

ShapeShift - towards a soft architecture
ShapeShift is an experiment in future possibilities of architectural materialization. ...>>

Architecture student work FS 2010
Here are some projects of our architecture student. Developed during the spring semester 2010. Course Physical Computing with Electronic Bricks (Beginner course) ...>>

Paper Cloud
An undulating ceiling landscape brings a bit of the outdoors inside. Made during MAS Physical Computing Course 2010 ...>>

Embossing Printer - automate a manual Machine
using a manual Embossing Label Printer with some DC Motors from a cordless screwdriver ...>>

WiNDY - Natural Behavoir
Windy is an interactive design object which reflects and simulates natural conditions and also reacts on the behaviour of people. Made during MAS Physical Computing Course 2010 ...>>

Braitenberg - Physical Agent
Braitenberg Vehicle - Physical Agent. Made during MAS Physical Computing Course 2010 ...>>

Spathiphyllum Sapiens - The interactive plant
Spathiphyllum Sapiens - The interactive plant tells it's the needs. Made during MAS Physical Computing Course 2010 ...>>

The Google Earth Physical Sensor Hack
This little experiment shows the possibility to send real time sensor data via RS232 to a standard Google Earth browser application. It can also be called a 'hack', because it tricks the javascript security policy... ...>>

MAS Physical Computing Course 2010
The 1st Master of Advanced Studies CAAD Physical Computing Course is an introduction to electronics and 'real' agent based behaviors compiled for architects ...>>

Pull Harder! - Student work | elective semester course
There is no really cool monitor system for skiffs and rowing boats. We've developed one! Combining a polar heartbeat sensor with a 3D-Acceleration sensor ...>>

BluePower - Student work | elective semester course
In the current discussion about the 2000-watt society it seems very outdated that we are still switching power manually and that we are still using stand-by modes for our devices while we do have the technology to switch power in a more intelligent way. The project BluePower would like to make a small step in that direction. ...>>

Social Balls - Student work | elective semester course
We started to develop a device to connect the physical with the virtual world. Practically a carriable facebook application. It's a small toy in form and consistence of a jumping ball that contains a lot of electronics, and can be synchronized via usb to your account. ...>>

dSail System - Wireless Sensor Networks on Sailboats
Using wireless sensor networks to monitor airflow and pressure differences on sails in real-time. Imagine you could see the airflow in your sails and trim your boat to the max. ...>>

Eagle Sensors - Real-time Sensors Networks on Paragliders
Imagine you could feel the behavior of your paraglider wing in your fingertips. Imagine you could develop safer wings because of real-time measurement directly on the wing while flying. This project is all about the feeling the air ...>>

Wireless Sensor Node Development
After playing around with some xBee transceivers, I realized: why not develop our own caad wireless sensor nodes based on the ZigBee protocol. ...>>

Wireless sensor networks in sick buildings
The basic idea is to use WSN to save energy just by calibrating in-house systems ...>>

Landscape Lawn Mower
This is our final study project on localisation ...>>

Advanced Autonomous Mobile Robot
Advanced Autonomous Mobile Robot ...>>

Mobile Robot Experiences
Our first real Physical Computing Mobile Robot Experience ...>>

Under heavy development
Projects are under heavy development! Feel free to come back and visit us. You'll find projects, examples and exercises during the semester here ...>>

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