BluePower! - Student work | elective semester course

In the current discussion about the 2000-watt society it seems very outmoded that we are still switching power manually and that we are still using stand-by modes for our devices while we do have the technology to switch power in a more intelligent way. The project BluePower would like to make a small step in that direction. In the shape of a power strip the project tries to contribute to a more intelligent handling of power as a link between power socket and device.

Available on one hand is a manual mode with which it is possible to activate each socket individually. The real invention though is that the power strip is controllable via Bluetooth. Bluetooth devices (like cell phones and laptops) can be recognized by the power strip if they are registered and lead to an activation of the socket.

This way the connected devices only receive power when the user is indeed around - without the necessity to ever think about it.

Bluepower device.

Bluepower device inside.

Download full German concept and documentation as pdf here...

Developed during the physical computing semester elective course (and some free time probably) by:
Yves Seiler :

Host: Christoph Wartmann : wartmann{at}

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