Big scale landscape mower robot

The idea was to take all the experience we've gained during the past months
and develop a large-scale 'milling machine'. As architects we are using milling
machines quite often to generate our models. This is one step further, we want to
use grass on a nice site and cut our generated 3D models into it. That means
we want to cut a layer, let it grow for a while and cut it again until it turns
into a model.

Therefor we are using a Leica tachymeter for localization, which is typically used for landscape measurement, and a large radio controlled lawnmower, which can climb banks up to 40 degrees. After writing software that can locate and control the movement, we send that thing onto a grass slope. we could send it to specific coordinates. but it is very hard to bring hardware/movement/software/localization together. So it needs another round of thinking... if you are interested to join this project feel free to write me an mail: wartmann{a t}

Too much sunlight to see anything on the laptop screen.

Robot at full speed cutting grass!

Wondering if this will work

Over 200 kilos of weight, moved by 19 PS (Horse Power)

Tachymeter localization and tracking.

Lawnmover in action(very solid!).

by Christoph Wartmann, Philipp Dohmen

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