Pull Harder! - Student work | elective semester course

Inroduction (German)
There is no really cool monitor system for skiffs and rowing boats. We've developed one! Combining a polar heartbeat sensor with a 3D-Acceleration sensor to measure:
Row beats
Max - min row beat
This device is splash-proof, easy to use, with an extra backlight for twilight use.

Pull Hard Device mounted between the feet.

Pull Hard close up.

Read full concept and documentation pdf here... Coming soon

Development project photos of 1st prototype:

Wiring concept with heartbeat sensor and a Nokia display.

Concept on paper

Development project photos of 2nd prototype:

Working on the 2nd Prototype.

EmbeddedLab in action.

Mounting hardware pieces together.

Polar heart sensor mounted on Kaspar for testing purposes.

Designing the case with Rhino.

Printing case with the new 3D Printer (very solid!).

2nd prototype with acceleration sensor.

Test skiffing on lake Zürich in the morning dew.

Mounting device onto skiff.

Test skiffing before project examination.

Developed during the physical computing semester elective course (and some free time probably) by:
Kaspar Hofer
Matthias Baer

Host: Christoph Wartmann : wartmann{at}arch.ethz.ch

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