Social Balls - Student work | elective semester course (German)

We started to develop a device to connect the physical with the virtual world. Practically a carriable Facebook application. It's a small toy in form and consists of a jumping ball that contains a lot of electronics, and can be synchronized via usb to your account. Usually it pretends to sleep, but wakes up when moved and on sudden light changes. When it gets close to others of its kind, they start a kind of communication. For your perception, they exchange color blinking signals and some weird noises, but behind this action they transmit and store data via radio, that you will be able to access later from your computer (and upload into your social network sites).

Read full German concept and documentation pdf here... Download


Projectdevelopment photos:

Developed during the physical computing semester elective course (and some free time probably) by:
Clemens Wall :
Hannes Oswald :
Marc Walser :

Host: Christoph Wartmann : wartmann{at}

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