WiNDY - Natural Behavoir

Windy is a student project developed at the chair of CAAD at the ETH in zurich during the Physical Computing Module. Windy is an interactive design object which reflects and simulates natural conditions and also reacts on the behaviour of people. This object, a combination of nature and technology, exists out of many nodes - a set of simple white balloons.

The idea is to embed functional properties within a simulation of natural attributes like wind and temperature. The object moves indoor as an object outdoor does - influenced by exterior weather conditions (e.g. grass and wind). It reacts, but is also able to provide you with actual, useful information in a surprising manner. These features are split up in 3 modes and are supported by using a smart phone.

By Stefanie Sixt. Min-Chieh Chen. Ma Hai Dong. Jakob Przybylo

Host: Christoph Wartmann : wartmann{at}

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