16.05.2011 / UWE R. BRÜCKNER

16.05.2011 / UWE R. BRÜCKNER

16.05.2011, 16:00, Uwe R. Brückner @ HIT E 51


Scenography or the Art of Choreographed Spaces.

The most important aspect of scenographical design lies in the translation of content into spatial images that can be walked through, and more generally even, in the generation of staged spaces with narrative qualities. In the best of all possible cases, the space itself turns into a medium. It is characteristic for scenographical design to work with an integrative design approach which integrates the artistic potentials and means of different disciplines like architecture, interior design, set design, as well as installation and media art into a coherent composition in the sense of a “Gesamtkunstwerk”.

Prof. Uwe R. Brückner is founder and creative director of Atelier Brückner in Stuttgart. He will present a series of projects like the BMW Museum in Munich, the visitor center at CERN in Geneva or the pavilion for the world-largest energy company State Grid at the Expo Shanghai which took place last year. Furthermore he will also present students projects to illustrate that exciting and consistent scenographical design is not purely a question of large budgets.

Uwe R. Brückner’s lecture:


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