04.02.2011 / Andrei Rodin

04.02.2011 / Andrei Rodin

04.02.2011, 15:00, Andrei Rodin @ CAAD, HPZ F


Objects Without Structure. A philosophical introduction to mathematical category and topos theory. University Paris-Diderot in Paris and Russian Academy of Science in Moscow.

Andrei Rodin is a philosopher affiliated to Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris and Russian Academy of Science in Moscow. He works in philosophy of science and mathematics, his principle research concerns philosophical issues of mathematical Category theory.

Andrei Rodin co-organise a research group studying possibilities of application of Category theory in physics and other natural sciences.

Andrei Rodin’s lecture in two parts:

Listen to the lecture here:




The renewal of foundations in mathemathics is not only compatible with the progress of science but also helps to make this progress possible. The traditional view that mathematics is about number and magnitude and the modern view that mathematics is about sets and structures differ radically. Andrei Rodin with his theory, is renewing the foundations in mathemathics.

Andrei Rodin’s scientific foundationalism “…implies the need for close cooperation between philosophy and science but definitely not the subordination of one of the two parties to the other ” since “…this activity is philosophical rather than purely scientific and the notion of foundation does not make sense in abstraction from what it is (or what it is supposed to be) the foundation of.”

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