During the first week of work with the Kinect camera for Xbox we started to see the potential of this hacked technology. The used platform to ‘interact’ with the data flow was Processing, and one of the biggest advantages of this platform is the abundance of open source code. The big difference between this camera and the web-cam, which has been in the market for years now, is the extra type of data or dimension that it provides, depth. With this cheap and accessible technology we are able to scan in good (not high) quality and in real time 3d objects or scenes.

This projects are our firsts attempts to understand the meaning and potential of this constant and multi-dimensional data flow.

Find students’ work here:

Hideaki Takenaga, Human Body Forniture

Jesper T. Christensen, Time and Space Inbetween

Jorge Orozco, Cloud – Rain – Cloud

Mihye An, Mihye An, A Scan Addict!

Magda Osinska, Kinect Dance

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