08.04.2011, 16:30, Michael Steinbusch @ HPZ F

Professur Industriebau, TU DRESDEN

Choreographing Architecture.

Classical Ballet is oriented towards the stage center. Modern developments like Forsythe’s Ballet are multifocal, and they raise the question how different foci can be connected, having in mind that they in turn comprise of connections. This “global/local” problem reappears in brain research but can only carefully be adapted to embodied and communicative situations like those architectures are decisive and necessary for.

Another analogy can be found in business administration: Open Innovation strategies implement cooperations beyond a company’s borders, e.g. with customers or suppliers, as well as cross-departmental cooperations (e.g. between Engineering and Sales). These relations cannot be organized in a conventional way, but a conception of communication has to be rather “architectural”.

Michael Steinbusch is an urban planner by Technische Universität Berlin, Germany. He is currently assistant for Prof. Gunter Henn, Design of Industrial Buildings, Dpt. of Architecture – Center for Knowledge Architecture, Technische Universität Dresden. Doctorate in Architecture, Universität der Künste Berlin. Dissertation: The Text as a City. Linguistic Pragmatics in Conversation about a City Region.

Michael Steinbusch’s lecture:


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