M4: Formalization & Creativity

M4: Formalization & Creativity

Modules and Figures beyond the Expectable.

The hypothesis that Klaus Wassermann is trying to strengthen in his lecture is that formalization resembles language in that we can not have the slightest thought or even any mental operation without formalization. And it is even the other way round, in that any mental operation invokes a formalizing step.

Klaus Wasserman argues that “…we can neither have the idea nor the feeling of formalization without formalization, and we even can not perform formalization without formalization. There is no justification of formalization which could be expressed outside of formalization, hence there is no (foundational) justification for it at all. Would it then be necessary, for instance, to conclude that formalization is聽 embedded in the life form much in the same way as it is the case for language? That mere performance precedes logics?”

Watch the lecture here:

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