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Since 2000, the CAAD Chair is organizing an annual seminar excursion to various cities in Europe. The excursion is the essential part of the Diplomwahlfach, called CITYSCAN. This year we traveled with a group of 20 students to Belgrade, the capital and largest city of Serbia.

Belgrade, as one of the oldest cities in Europe combines and unifies heterogenous urban atmospheres: old town vs. spacious development areas, controlled districts vs. illegal settlements, lively places vs. unusual sights of bombed buildings. Particularly those aspects posed the challenge for us to be engaged in the architectural contradiction of the city.

Having identified Belgrade’s urban structures and social patterns, the student's task was first to systematically investigate urban landmarks and characteristics of the city, second to evaluate the results of their research, and finally to translate their conclusions into a multimedia presentation. In addition to their field studies theoretical and historical aspects of their concepts were discussed with architects and urban planners from the University of Belgrade as well as the Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade.

All projects were presented at the final critique at end of August. Guest critic were Martina Voser and Alexandre Kapellos, both working at the Chair of Landscape Architecture of Professor Girot, ETH Zurich.

An online version of the final results will be presented as soon as possible...

For more information about the seminar schedule click here or
contact Pia Fricker and Georg Vrachliotis.

Prof. Ludger Hovestadt
Pia Fricker
Georg Vrachliotis

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