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eCAADe06 | CAAD is presenting 4 papers

Following papers are presented:

CNC Compliant Methods of Design | Understanding Technology
by Pia Fricker, Oskar Zieta
This paper investigates new design methods, showing the experimental use of new digital tools, CNC-techniques and technologies so as to expand the definition of contemporary architecture.The aim of our research and teaching project is to achieve a close connection between design and production by embedding the “digital chain” in the whole process.

Interaction in Urban Structure | Reflection: 6 years and still scanning
by Pia Fricker
The objective of our teaching and research project is to find out in what ways urban structure and specific features of a city can be represented by interactive interfaces and the use of CNC technology. Our attitude is based on small-scale approach: the sum of these microanalyses gives us the broader picture, the system or mechanisms of the city.

My Building is my Display 610 |
Omnipresent graphical output as hybrid communicators
by Odilo Schoch
This paper presents an innovative approach towards the possibilities and challenges of the built environment as a multidimensional graphical output device. The near future will witness every single part of a building being digitally connected. Consequently, buildings themselves can be novel media for communication especially of graphical content. Buildings and cities will therefore become gigantic ‘displays’ without frames or the classical fixed proportions 4:3 or 16:9. Architects should be able to deal with this novel ‘material’, as the appearance of their architecture significantly changes.

Teaching Pervasive Computing for Architects |
A simple but powerful building simulator explaining the potential and power of pervasive computing through hands-on excercises.
by Odilo Schoch
This paper introduces a successful approach of teaching the creative principles of pervasive computing. This reflects the ubiquitous quality of digital technologies and services in both today’s life and building industry. It described the aim, technical solution, scope and result of exercises carried out at ETH Zurich (bachelor program).

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