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From 23. until 27. january 2007, the chair of Caad explains the "digital chain" with the ‘Neue Monte Rosa Hütte’ Project at the Swissbau in Basel, the trade fair of the Swiss building industry. A first 1:1 prototyp of a Monte Rosa room will be exhibited. The project ‘Neue Monte Rosa Hütte’ is based on a student draft supervised by Prof. Andrea Deplazes. In the beginning, it was neither technically nor financially realizable. In the research and development phase, the Chairs of the Architecure Department Prof. Deplazes, Hovestadt and Menz collaborated to make the project constructable and affordable. The aim of this phase was to prove, that the "digital chain" makes it possible to realize an excellent, extraordinary architecture within the normal costrange. This requires a paradigm shift. Not a certain system influences the building, but the building has his own system. In the case of the ‘Neue Monte Rosa Hütte’, some special problems had to be solved: the extreme location of the site in the high mountains just allows the transportation of the prefabricated elements by helicpoter. Therefore, these construction-parts should be as light as possible. Because of the difficult environment of the site, the construction-time on-site has to be less than 3 month. Another main aspect was the challenging design of this extraordinary architecture. Its unregular shape consists of many non-repitive pieces.

Infoevent at the 24. January 2007, 18h, Halle 1, Stand B 99

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