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Aruino/Wiring HowTo's

This section contains tips and trips around the Arduino and Wiring programming.


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29-05-2009: StringBuilder 1.0.1
Wiring doesn't support concatting to strings ("string1" + "string2") or concatting a string and a number ("string" + number). This Module provides functions to concate String/String, String/int, String/long and String/char. ...>>

23-11-2010: How to convert numbers to strings
This Code Snippet shows a avr - convert method ...>>

22-05-2009: Serial Peripheral Interface
This HowTo shows how to embed sensors using the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) into your applications. ...>>

2010-05-25: Timer and DC Motor Background
This Article will give some Overview and Background Knowledge about Timers, DC-Motors Photointerrupters and Encoders ...>>

19-05-2009: String Serial Protocol Version 1.1.4
String Serial Protocol is a simple protocol to communicate through the Serial Interface. It was designed to facilitate communication between two controller-boards (direct connected or through X-Bee) or between PC/MAC and controller-board. ...>>

18-05-2009: EepromConfig 2.0.0
EepromConfig provides some functions to write and read byte, int, long and string values to and from eeprom. There are some additional functions to parse data. Have a look! ...>>

09-02-2009: How to split char arrays (Strings)
This Code Snippet shows how to split char arrays (string like). ...>>

09-02-2009: A simple class in wiring
This Code Snippet shows the use of classes in Wiring. ...>>

09-02-2009: Build a library for wiring
This Howto shows how to build a class library using c++ for the Wiring- or Arduino-Board. ...>>

05-01-2010: How to deal with timed function
This class snippet shows how to execute function in a certain interval. ...>>

04-28-2010: Tutorial on: How to extend Arduino battery lifetime
This tutorial shows an easy possibility on how to save arduino's battery lifetime while using xBee as a transceiver for sleeping mode. ...>>

01-09-2009: Pulse Count Async
Counts pulses on a digital pin over a given period asynchronously. ...>>

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