Examples - Electronic Bricks - Electronic Brick Joystick

Analog In - Get user input with the Electronik Brick Joystick.

This program gives you a basic understanding how to use the Joystick Brick.

The Joystick outputs analog signals for the X & Y directions and uses the Z output as a digital button.

Hardware Setup:

Example: How to use the 'Analog Sound Sensor Electronic Brick'
Usage: Connect the Joystick X output to analog pin 4 on the Seeduino Shield
Connect the Joystick Y output to analog pin 5 on the Seeduino Shield
Connect the Joystick Z output to digital pin 8 on the Seeduino Shield

// Define the analog input pin for the sound sensor
int x = 4;
int y = 5;
int z = 8;

void setup()
        Serial.begin(9600);                 // Invoke Serial Interface for debugging purposes

void loop()
        // Read the sensor values for x y z
        int Xinput = analogRead(x);
        int Yinput = analogRead(y);
        int Zinput = digitalRead(z);
        // Output to console or computer
        // delay the print line output by 0.1 seconds