Examples - Electronic Bricks - Electronic Brick Magnetic Switch

Digital-In, Using the Electronik Brick Magnetic Switch.

This program gives you a basic understanding how to use the Magnetic Switch Brick.

The Arduino can Read the Digital signal via the the digital pins, and put out the digital signal through the same pins. In Arduino there are 14 digital pins, from 0-13.

Hardware Setup:

Magnetism LED switch
Example: Digital input and output / interaction
Put a megnet close to the Magnetism brick and turn the led light on

int Magnetism = 9;                 //define the 9th digital pin for magnetism brick
int LED = 8;                    //define the 8th digital pin for LED brick

void setup()
        pinMode(LED,OUTPUT);          //set the LED pin for digital output
        pinMode(Magnetism,INPUT);        //set the Magnetism pin for digital input

void loop()
        if (digitalRead(Magnetism))      // if button press
        digitalWrite(LED,HIGH);       // light the LED
        else                          // if not press
        digitalWrite(LED,LOW);        // turn off the LED