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i always liked this old-style embossing labeling printers, so i bought one in the next stationer with the aim to link it to my Usb-port by using a arduino microcontroller.  

this is the final machine.  

the making of

for some technical background please see Timer DC-Motor Background and Photointerrupter

To get some strong motors with batteries, Poweradapter and gear box i bought some cordless screwdrivers and disassembled them.  

All mechanical parts were laser cut in 3 and 5 mm polyamide.  

The motors need a current up to 2A. Therefor a Motordriver is needed.
Two H-Bridge of Type L6202 (datasheet) with some aluminum cooling elements do this job.

To have some precise control on the motors position an laser cut encoder wheel is read out with a photointerrupter. The Type GP1A53HR is used (search google) - most important attribute is that the output is a Schmitt trigger. You will find more information and code snippets in this Photointerrupter article.  

Article by Tom Pawlofsky Mai 2010

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