Investigations of Contemporary Urban Forms in the Territory 2008-2014

Over the course of the last six years, ETH Studio Basel Diener/Meili chair has been investigating the urbanization taking place outside of the city. Starting in the Nile Valley, using a cross section to look at Italy and Florida, sampling the various ecologies of the Red River Delta, northern Oman and Minas Gerais in Brazil, these investigations were conducted using integral teaching methods from 2008 to 2014. Published in January 2015, we now present these volumes to the public in a very limited edition. The volumes have also been published online and are available on the following links:


Nile Valley - Urbanization of Limited Resources

Rome to Adriatic - New Autonomy of a Hinterland

Florida - Private Management of an Urban System

Red River Delta - Urbanization of Fragile Opportunities

Muscat and Oman - Engineered Land

Belo Horizonte - Opening a Territory and Making a Capital


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