Vesna Jovanovic

Vesna Jovanovic, born in 1985, is a practicing architect involved in territorial urban research and teaching at ETH Studio Basel since 2011.  She obtained her Master's degree from the University of Belgrade, and a Postgraduate degree from the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam. She has worked as an architect in Rotterdam on several projects including a MATRA capacity-building government collaboration between Holland and Turkey in Diyarbakir, on the topic of restructuring the development of the city, governmental housing, and the preservation of the historical city core.

Subsequently, she has worked in Brussels for the office of 51N4E, on large scale urban studies for Istanbul (a collaboration between the municipality of Istanbul and the Rotterdam Biennale 'IABR 2012: Making City'), an expansion project on the right bank of the Garonne in Bordeaux (competition), and on a restructuring project for the Brussels Metropolitan Region. She has taught a seminar at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade under prof. Zoran Lazovic in 2008, and has guest lectured at the UdK, Berlin, and the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Rotterdam, in 2011.

NEWS: 21.02.12