Lamkansa City

Students: Tamara Bertone, Nora Marti
Location: Group work in Casablanca
Date: June, 2008
Type: Research project, student work, migration towards the city

The topic of Lamkansa city is linked to the phenomenon of migration from rural regions of Morocco towards Casablanca. Casablanca is a metropolis with a strong growth of population and surface. Until a few years ago the population doubled every then years. Rural immigrants from the south were the main force behind this growth. Many of them settled in self-constructed, informal structures at the edge of the city and provoked the city planning to constant city extensions (relogement). We have tried to describe the dimension of this phenomenon (numbers of immigration) and the urbanistic and everday life impacts they provoke (Where do they settle? What kind of urbanistic structures do they produce?). It was also planned to visit a original village to compare the rural with imported, urban ways of life. Do the immigrants continue their way of life or do they adapt it towards the urban conditions? Is there a transformation of the whole city due to the migration?

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