Story of a negligable Minority - 99 Swiss In Cuba

Students: Matthias Bruecke, Ramin Mosayebi
Location: Group work in Havana
Date: June, 2007
Type: Research project, student work, Swiss in Cuba

Special focus of the research will be the Swiss presence in Cuba. Havana and Cuba for Switzerland present a strategic choice and a very potential market, as a ‘gate’ toward other Latin American countries. In a situation where Cuba’s link with the Soviet block is broken and the presence of the US and many European countries is disabled for political reasons, Swiss companies have a possibility of establishing a strong foothold. The Swiss interest is especially high in the fields of biotechnology and pharmaceutics, as these industries are in Cuba well developed. Different companies such as Nestle or Syngenta are present in Cuba, and the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Cuba is established. At the same time, academic research relations are established, such as the SeDUT project (Strategies for a Sustainable Urban and Mobility Development).
The work doesn’t start from a detailed and clear program, but more from a hunch for a good story! It needs a team with high curiosity and inquisitive, somewhat journalistic approach, to shed light on the mysterious Switzerland – Cuba link.

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