Student works on MetroBasel

How should the region of MetroBasel develop? How can we develop a stronger interdependence of its individual parts, thus overcoming the traditional blockages of, and along, the political and administrative boundaries? How can we develop a masterplan that will allow for subsequent amendments and for future reaction to developments still unforeseen, without being restrained by its own rigidity and static nature? How can elements of a ‘gameplan’ enter urban planning? Can urban planning develop instruments that work through scenarios and include the public in an emancipated way? How can a public desire for change arise again? What are the major fields, sites and themes that will shape the region, not only within the next 15 years, but within the next 30 years, and how can demographical or ecological changes as well as shifts in the notion of resources be incorporated in regional and urban planning? What changes on administrative and organisational level are required? These are some of the issues and questions that Studio Basel will try to address and suggest answers to, through the study of MetroBasel. By applying specific themes and aspects of urban planning, such as housing, leisure, landscape, traffic and energy production, with an extended timeframe onto selected sites in MetroBasel, the studio will aim to devise a new kind of masterplan, intended to be brought into public discussion towards the final phases of the project.

The topics are:

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