Nairobi - Migration Shaping the City

By: Shadi Rahbaran, Manuel Herz
Edited by: ETH Studio Basel, Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron
Publisher: Lars Müller Publishers
17,5 x 24 cm, 176 Seiten, 211 Abbildungen, Hardcover (2014)
ISBN 978-3-03778-375-7, Englisch
© 2014 Lars Müller Publishers and ETH Studio Basel


In its short history, spanning just over one hundred years, the Kenyan capital Nairobi has grown to be one of the most cosmopolitan and multifaceted cities of our contemporary world. In the context of the city’s complex colonial and post-independence development, migration has reinforced ethnic, spatial, and economic differences, leading to the emergence of multiple power structures. This process is evident in the city’s architectural production, as well as in its radically diverse urban patterns and cultures. This book examines specific neighborhoods and documents how these cultures of urban life constitute and shape the city








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