Belgrade.Formal/Informal. A Study on Urban Transformation

Essays by: Roger Diener, Marcel Meili, Milica Topalovic, Christian Müller Inderbitzin
Publisher: Scheidegger and Spiess (take a look into the book) 
Language: English / German
ISBN-10: 3858812544
ISBN-13: 978-3858812544


Belgrade. Formal / Informal presents the fascinating findings of ETH Studio Basel’s research in the former Yugoslav and now Serbian capital, investigating in particular the city’s development following the international embargo against the Milosevic regime after the Yugoslav wars of separation in the 1990s until the present day.

This richly illustrated book explores in depth how Belgrade has changed throughout years of upheaval and economic shortage. It shows the result of the interplay between formal and informal forces in urban development and the varied architecture that has emerged from this. Of interest to architects and planners, Belgrade is presented not as an extreme, isolated case of urban transformation, but as an example that sheds light on processes shaping contemporary European cities.



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