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steffen_lemmerzahl.gif   "Bauen mit elektrischen Maschinen."

Steffen Lemmerzahl, Dipl. Arch. ETH

Steffen Lemmerzahl graduated as an architect at the federal institute of technology, Zürich in 2003. He gained working experience in several internships in Freiburg, Sevilla and Zürich. After his degree he joined the office of Christian Kerez, Zürich, where he was working on several projects and publications. leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer   Besides his architectural context, Steffen is using and programming computers since more than 15 years. His main interest at the Chair of CAAD is therefore the conjunction of architecture and computers, covering algorithm-based design methods and advanced use of 3D/Visualization techniques.

Steffen Lemmerzahl

Born 1976 in Freiburg, Germany


  2003 Degree in architecture, Prof. Marc Angélil, «Hotel am Axenstein»
  1997-2003 Studies of Architecture at ETH Zürich
  1986-1995 French and german university-entrance diploma at DFG, Freiburg, Germany


  2007 Partner at SLIK Architekten, Zürich CH
  2004 Chair of CAAD, Prof. Ludger Hovestadt, ETH Zürich CH
  2003 Collaboration with Christian Kerez, Architekt ETH/SIA in Zürich CH
  2003 Co-Founder of elVisual, Zürich CH
  2001 NOSE Applied Intelligence AG in Zürich CH (internship)
  2001 ETHworld, ETH Zürich CH, concept & design of multimedia presentations
  2000 G. Vazquez Consuegra, Arquitecto in Sevilla E (internship)
  1998 Chair of CAAD, Prof.Maia Engeli, ETH Zürich CH (internship)
  1996 KBF Architekten in Freiburg, Germany (internship)


  2004- Chair of CAAD, Prof. Ludger Hovestadt, ETH Zürich CH
  1998-2001 Teaching at Chair of CAAD, Prof. Maia Engeli, ETH Zürich CH

Projects CAAD

  11.2006 Research: Parameterization of a facade design for construcion in cooperation with Stücheli Architekten, Zürich CH
  10.2006 Research: Integration of parametric facades in project developments with Halter Unternehmungen, Zürich CH
  04.2006 Teaching: Brave Tailor, Parametric designed facades, sponsored by Alu Scout
  08.2005 A Unified Approach to Agent-Based Learning with Application in Architecture and Transportation Planning in cooperation with KarstenDroste and KaiRuedenauer
  07.2005 Kaisersrot: computer generated facades in cooperation with Herzog & de Meuron, Basel CH
  06.2005 Design and supervision of CAAD-office rearrangement
  05.2005 'crawling houses' - generating 3D-Models out of AI-based XML data in formZ in cooperation with KaiRuedenauer
  05.2005 Design and implementation of Twiki-based CAAD article-system in cooperation with KarstenDroste
  03.2005 Teaching: graduate design studio, Diplombegleitfach CAAD, 2005-2007
  03.2005 Kaisersrot: research in cooperation with Losinger AG, CH
  01.2005 Kaisersrot: Brave Tailor
  12.2004 Teaching: NDS:Module 02: Szenarien - composing & editing of motion pictures
  10.2004 Kaisersrot: Konsensmaschine, Globus-Provisorium, Zürich


  tel +41 44 633 40 33
  fax +41 44 633 10 50
  ETH Hönggerberg HIL E 15.1
  CH-8093 Zürich

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