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TWiki Topics

The basic building block of a TWiki site is called a topic, identified by a unique, hopefully descriptive, WikiWord title. It may seem easier just to call them pages - but when you've used TWiki for a while, the difference is obvious. In the end,

Topic Features

A TWiki topic is a self-contained information unit rich in features. Each topic has:

The configuration of your TWiki site and your personal user account determine which of these features are installed and available to you.

How to create and edit a topic

Making it incredibly easy for you to add and edit information on existing topics, create new topics, and link all TWiki topics, is a TWiki main function.

How to attach files and use other features

The color-coded toolbar at the bottom of every topic displays a series of links, including:

It looks like a lot - it is a lot, and there's more. BUT, it's all simple, flexible, and optional - the only way to confuse yourself or your site set-up and users is by using features you really don't need. Unlike the usual expensive, complex collaboration and project management packages, TWiki is fully functional and effective just by typing in text and making WikiWord links. All the rest is there only if you need it!

How to rename, move or delete a topic

You can now rename, move and delete individual topics from your browser. All three options are available by clicking More on the control strip at the bottom of every page. The access settings for a topic, web or entire site may be disabled for one or more of the three options, depending on your site set-up and personal permissions. In any case, all three are similar and extremely easy to use.

  1. Go to the top you want to change, click More > Rename/move
  2. To move or delete: select the target web (Trash to delete)from the pull-down menu (otherwise, leave on the current web)
  3. To rename: fill in a new WikiName (otherwise, leave the current topic name)
  4. To update links: From the list of topics that show links to the topic you're changing, uncheck each entry you DON'T want to update - only checked links will be updated;
  5. Click Rename/move: the topic is renamed and/or moved, and the checked links to the topic are updated.

HELP Deleting means moving a topic to the Trash web. Since all webs share the one Trash, name conflicts may come up.

See: ManagingTopics for more details.

-- MikeMannix - 12 May 2002

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